Roy Weddleton
  Concord, NH 03301

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I have been both a businessman and lawyer since 1985.  My job is to listen to you and find a solution to your legal issue in the most cost effective manner possible. I am not interested in dragging out cases.  With my years of experience I have a good idea how the matter will resolve after I gather the facts. I try not to waste time but get to the solution as quickly as possible to save you money and to allow you to go forward with your business and your life.

You probably don't care but I will tell you a few personal things about me so you can get a better idea of with whom you are dealing.

  • I have a Master of Public Administration from the University of New Hampshire and I attended Woodbury College for mediation training.
  • I was the first Coordinator of Family Planning Services in New Hampshire
  • I owned an indoor tennis club and an automotive business.
  • I taught "Real Estate Law" at various New Hampshire colleges for 10 years.
  • While in law school, I worked as a police prosecutor.

That all being said, I am at a stage that I am limiting my practice to SIMPLE WILLS, ADVANCE DIRECTIVES AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY.

I have developed strong relationships with various attorneys across the State on many legal issues.  I would be happy to refer you to someone I know who has the expertise you need.

For instance, although I no longer do any divorce work, I  strongly recommend Rousseau Law & Mediation at 559 Pembroke Street, (really Rte 3 South) Pembroke, New Hampshire.  The telephone number is (603) 715-2824 and you can find them at  I highly recommend them.

For estate planning, I can't say enough about Attorney Phillip Curtin at the
Curtin Law Office in Manchester, New Hampshire.  His telephone number is (603) 669-7700.  This is what they do.  When I needed my own trust done I had Attorney Curtin prepare it. Enough said!

If you have questions or want additional information,
contact Attorney Weddleton at
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