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The first 1/2 hour consult is no charge.  After the first half hour you will be charged our regular hourly rate so be organizedYou will be expected to pay for any additional time over the half hour at that time.

Prior to the first meeting you will be asked to bring all relevant documents including contracts, deeds, letters, e-mails and court papers.

At the first meeting, you will be asked for a concise explanation of your legal matter.  The attorney will ask you some questions to clarify things.

If you want to retain the attorney and the attorney is willing to accept your case, he/she will explain the legal process and what will be expected of you and what you can expect from the attorney.


Even if the lawyer does not mention it, you should discuss legal fees,  Once your case is accepted you will be asked to sign a "representation agreement" which outlines the terms of the legal reprentation, including how fees will be charged and paid.  Don't be afraid to ask about fees.

If you have questions or want additional information,
call Attorney Weddleton at 603-228-1360 or e-mail him
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